Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lists are supposed to be kept secret

I talked to my friend who inspired me with lists. I learned that she never let her list out ahead of time, in case something interesting, new and worth trying came up and warranted being one of the new things to try that year. Good point. Let's consider the past two posts simply warm ups to the list of amazing new experiences to unfold this year.

So far, I've done quite a few amazing things. I'll choose to start with:
1. Uprooting. Yup. We all know now that I quit my job and moved 2,500 miles from home. That doesn't happen every day.
2. I went roller skating, and it was really awesome, because Ethan Rose was playing the organ and wearing his cool leather vintage pilot hat (you know - the kind with the ear flaps)

I'm sure I've done many other super-cool and new things, but I'll have to relay them as I go. I've got tricks up my sleeve yet.

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