Friday, June 16, 2006

Terrified and In Love

.... with revolution and a piece of land.

And saddened that the nation I was born into is the cause of so much of the world's misery.

I always knew a little about Fidel, but I never realized how narrow the views of him I'd been given in my life. Now I am in love. And I think Alice Walker is too. It is nice to be reminded of your mentors and heros and people who really have made a difference in the world and tried to do good.

Viva la revolucion!

My goal this summer is that once the sun has set and the 360 degree TV is only useful to feline eyes, I will dedicate my pre-sleep hours to reading the writings and stories of people who have inspired revolution and truly changed the world. Ghandi. Castro, Lumumba, Don West, Mother Jones and Jimmy Carter are all high on my list.

In those hours leading up to sunset, I'll work in my garden and let the teachings soak into me at the root.

"Ignorance is cheap," I saw a sign somewhere saying that. The worst kind of ignorance is when you think your way of thinking is the only way to think.

Monday, June 12, 2006

360 degree TV

My house has many windows and a wrap around porch. Depending on which window you choose, you'll find yourself peering into woodland thickets, a long meadow and garden patch or a porch that is home to a variety of dogs, birds, bugs and sometimes people. In warm weather all the windows are open, providing not only a view of these environments, but also the sounds and scents.

For my feline housemates, the windows are a complex, multimedia entertainment system. If one window is made inaccessible (say by closing a door), it diminishes the surround sound/smell/sight quality of the entertainment system.

In window world, everything is timed just so. Sid Vicious (cat) will be sitting and staring at the study window, and suddenly he'll bolt from his perch and speed across the house to the french doors or a kitchen window. Imagine if people would turn off their "reality tv" and switch to the 360 degree window entertainment my cats enjoy. What a different world we'd live in! Maybe then, we wouldn't be an obsese nation of greedy, dimwitted sleepers. Look out your windows! There's a world out there just waiting to entertain you. And get this.... it's absolutely free and there's no commercials!