Monday, January 07, 2008

new beginnings

last night, i checked in with the tarot deck to see how my path is unfolding. i'm not the most adept tarot card reader, but for over a decade i've found that laying out the cards has really helped me put my life in perspective. what keeps coming up in my cards, and what came up last night was hard work accomplished: time to move on to new beginnings.

i'm getting there, but i want to give a pat on the back to my best pal and soul sister for her own "moving on" to a new job. a job that opens up her life so she can do all the creative things that she is meant to spend her time doing! she never fails to inspire me, even from 2,000 or so miles away...

at the hot springs retreat, a couple of the french broads (those are the gals who gather at hot springs) and i took a day trip to asheville where i took a look at my favorite bookstore for a new tarot deck. what i found has brought whimsy into what has lately been a somewhat somber soul search. it's the housewives tarot. and you can get a reading online. come on girls (and guys), discover your inner housewife: