Sunday, March 16, 2008

Change of Pace

It seems life life has dramatically picked up pace over the past few weeks. I feel as if I went through a pretty long period of calm. Lots of sleeping with many quiet evenings and weekends at home here on Judy Branch. Certainly, some of that mellow life pace was due to the sloth-ing effect of depression while some was the tradition of winter hibernation. Somehow, I missed the transition. It seems I've suddenly switched from snail speed to super sonic sprinting. I am stunned that it is Sunday evening and I have not really gotten a decent amount of down time or sleep in several weeks. There's just too much to do, and I'm glad to say that the doing is not all work-related. On top of all the things that are keeping me too busy, I also have a running list of things I would like to aim this nervous energy at: getting my garden planned and started and a thorough house-cleaning are on the top of that list.

There are other things I'm putting off. These are the decisions I've got to make about what is next. There are a few options opening up, and my renewed appreciation and engagement in my life and work here in EKY makes it incredibly difficult to even consider these new opportunities that I worked so hard to make happen. Now that they are real possibilities/offers that I must either embrace or push aside, I am not as certain as I was when they were simply dreams of escape...

But Im also pretty damn curious (and hopeful) to see what's going to happen next. All I am hoping for is that the epiphany will gently wash over me and I will be able to skip off in whichever direction I'm meant to go without looking back and wondering if I made the right decision.